BSRRW:Radioaktiivinen laskeuma saavutti USA:n perjantaina / radioactive cloud reached USA

Baltic Sea Region Radioactivity Watch tiedottaa, että radioaktiivinen laskeuma saavutti USA:n perjantaina. Sivuston mukaan järjestön Riigan mittauspisteessä ei ole maanantaihin 21.3. mennessä havaittu markittävää radioaktiivisuuden nousua.

Alla tiedote ja linkkejä Fukushiman katasrofin terveysvaikutuksia koskeviin uutisiin ja ohjelmiin.
18th Feb 2011: The radioactive clouds reaches US today!

IAEA, pentagon and all the involved governments are covering up the real radioactivity releases and the consequences. The radioactive clouds reach US today!

Urgent Alert: The potential health consequences of the explosion at the Fukushima reactor in Japan

Joint Press Statement from the Low Level Radiation Campaign ( and the European Committee on Radiation Risk (

Contact Your national Radioactivity Protection Agencies and ask them to monitor daily (hourly) on their websites the radioactivity in the airflows, ground and water! Monitor radioactivity with other Geiger Counter devices etc and publish the data for public use!

See Yesterdays Alex Jones program that documents the cover-up and the air-flows (jump over adverts). Cristopher Busby shares his expertise:

See the radiation plume over the Ocean – draw the marker:

SOS. Get national radiation measures! :

Video BBC News 14th of March: C. Busby on Radiation risk from nuclear power station in Japan

Radio BBC: Chris Busby on Monday´s BBC Programme: Japan does not monitor plutonium or uranium !!!

Chris points out that geiger counters near Fukushima will not detect plutonium or uranium. They only pick up beta and gamma radiation not alpha. Fukushima 2 which exploded on 14th is (was) a MoX burning plant with much more dangerous fuel than Fukushima 1.

The fallout in Japan is mapped on Mail 17th of March:

Fuel rod fires: the fallout in Honshu is mapped on We advise that Honshu should immediately be evacuated to the maximum possible extent. Reassurances about radiation exposures issued by the Japanese government can not be believed; they are based on the ICRP invalid risk model which ICRP itself has admitted <>  cannot be applied in accident situations. The basic concept of radiation dose is generally recognised to be invalid <>  for many types of internal exposure relevant to the present emergency.

In addition to gamma emitting isotopes of Caesium and Iodine, there is an extremely high probability that Plutonium and isotopes of Uranium are being released. The use of water in contact with the reactor cores entails the release of Tritium. Carbon 14 is also likely to be present. None of these alpha- and beta-emitters will be included in gamma readings, leading to severe underestimates of the potential genetic damage once they are ingested, inhaled or absorbed into human tissue. The present emergency is therefore exactly similar to the Chernobyl disaster which has had a huge impact on human health <> and  <>  – (More on Chernobyl <> )

A disagreement between LLRC’s Professor Chris Busby and Professor Ian Fells, a well-known supporter of nuclear energy <>  .

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