Protestit maailmalla

Thousands gather in Tokyo to protest nuclear restart

230 km long human chain from Lyon to Avignon against nuclear power

prayer protest at Japan anti-nuclear rally, tens of thousand of people

Anti-nuclear protests held across Japan on anniversary of disaster

Successful anti-nuclear rally at Hinkley point at Fukushima anniversary

Taiwan anti nuclear protest at Fukushima day

No more Fukushimas 10.-11. March 2012 Surround Hinkley Point

Anti-nuclear activists intensify protests

Hundreds protest against nuclear power station plant

Anti-nuclear movement crowing in Asia

Call for action, a huge human chain from Lyon to Avignon at march.

Locals to intensify protests against Jaitapur nuclear plant

Äidit vaativat selvitystä Fukushimasta

Newsletter December 2011, UK

Anti- nuclear protest at Harajuku, Japan 

Anti- nuclear protestors take out rally stage peaceful demonstration, India

Fishing group protest at Japan:  nuclear operator scraps plan to dump contaminated water in the sea

Scrap Koodankulam, Fatehabad and other Nuclear Reactors

People living near nuclear plant sites shout slogans during an anti-nuclear protest in New Delhi

Anti- nuclear demonstration at Jantar Mantar

No to nuclear and no to Berlusconi

Greepeacen aktivistit tunkeutuivat ydinvoimalaan Ranskassa

Sit- in protest in Jordania

Global conference for a nuclear power free world, Yokohama

a dozen anti nuclear activist protest nuclear waste in Taipei

Nuclear waste arrives at German facility

Bishop arrested in anti nuclear demonstration in India

Ydinjätejuna taittaa matkaa ennätyshitaasti

Police clear huge sit-in protest at Germany

Anti-nuclear waste protest, Germany, video

Ydinjätejuna pysäytettiin Saksan rajalle mielenosoitusten hillitsemiseksi

Mielenosoittajat aikovat pysäyttää ydinjätejunan Saksassa

Ydinjätejuna lähti Ranskasta Saksaan protestin saattelemana

Massive protests and blockades of nuclear shipment in France and Germany

Protest in Moscow is a start of the Russian week of actions against expensive and dangerous nuclear reactors, and for energy-efficiency and renewable sources of energy. 

Sit-in protest at Tokyo 

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