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Anti-nuclear action in Finland: Olkiluoto Blockade closed roads around
Olkiluoto nuclear power plant

Olkiluoto Blockade, a network opposing nuclear power, closed several roads
leading to the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant in Eurajoki on 11 August
2012. Olkiluoto NPP consists of two operating units and a third one which
is still under construction. The action day was organised for the third
time, this time with about 150 participants, 35 of whom were detained by
the police. The blockaders demand an immediate phase-out of nuclear energy
and uranium industry.

Traffic to the power plant was blocked in a creative fashion: the action
on highway 8 was kicked off energetically at 6 am by three mutant ninja
turtles opposing radiation. They were backed by four people with arm
tubes, three people sitting on the road and others with banners.

Other groups blocked smaller roads leading to the power plant – some by
chaining themselves onto tree trunks in the middle of the road, others by
erecting a tripod with a person on top of it. On the side of the main
route, Olkiluodontie, a demonstration was held throughout the day. This
road was also blocked twice, first by a dancing group of people and second
by a group of dedicated Swedes who lay on the road chained to each other.

The action day was the culmination of a week-long, international
anti-nuclear camp. There were participants from many countries such as
Latvia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Iceland, Cuba and

The action day started at 6 in the morning and ended by the protesters’
decision at 5 pm. The detained people were all released by 7 pm. One
protester was injured when the police was carrying people locked with arm
tubes away from the road. Another protester who was suffering of shock
symptoms was mistreated by the police.

By blocking the traffic to the notorious nuclear power plant, the
participants aimed to call attention to the unresolved problems in the
whole nuclear chain, from uranium mining to the disposal of nuclear waste.
Olkiluoto 3 is a prototype third-generation EPR, the largest reactor
experiment in the world. The construction process has been fraught with
fundamental mistakes, with mounting delays and financial losses reaching
an estimated 1.5 billion euros. From uranium mining to nuclear waste
storage, nuclear power poses risks to current and future generations and
our entire ecosystem. Further, nuclear power is the slowest method
possible to produce energy, which makes it a false solution to climate

Olkiluoto Blockade -network thanks everyone who made the event successful
and hopes to continue working with people and groups across the world for
a nuclear free future.

Areva, TVO, E.ON, and the rest: it’s time to start learning from your
mistakes. The nuclear era is over!



Olkiluoto Blockade Sat 11 Aug and Nuclear Camp 6-13 Aug, 2012 in Finland!

See full program here:


and here:NUCLEAR CAMP 2012 PROGRAM pdf

From uranium mining to nuclear waste storage, nuclear power poses a health risk to current and future generations alike. We refuse to be part of this costly and dangerous experiment which mainly serves the interests of big industry. We therefore demand a nuclear power phase-out.

On August 11, people are going to block the roads to Olkiluoto nuclear power plant in Eurajoki. Previous years have seen people blocking the roads using banners, drumming, performances and peaceful civil disobedience. You can join the demonstration in any way you like, with no obligation to participate in civil disobedience.

Make sure not to bring with you anything that could be classed as a weapon. No alcohol or drugs in the demonstration. Everyone is asked to refrain from any form of violence, sexism, racism and provocations.

This year the action day is preceded by an international anti-nuclear camp, held at a local farmhouse. The camp program includes practical and informative workshops, such as the current situation of Japan’s nuclear disaster and introducing the movement against mining in Finland. The guest speakers, documentaries and workshops during the week will illustrate the international anti-nuclear movement and provide skills and tools for local campaigning.

There will be a special program for kids, and babysitting help available. As well as yummy vegan food, sauna, crafting, live bands and sharing struggles for a nuclear free future!


Sign up for the camp at olbcamp (at) riseup.net

You will get driving instructions upon signing up.

Ask more from the info number: + 358 40 461 9154

Recommended prices:

Whole camp 7 days:30-60 EUR Includes three meals per day, program and basic accommodation in tents/indoors

Alternatively 1 day: 5-8EUR 1 meal: 3-5EUR

Children under 10 years for free.

Shared rides: We also recommend to take your own car/bike/minibus to the camp and demonstration. If you need a ride or can offer one, notify us at: olkiluotoblockade (at) riseup.net

From Tampere: a minibus leaves to the camp on Monday Aug 6 at 18.00 and on Friday 10 Aug at 12:00. You can reserve seats at olkiluotoblockade (at) riseup.net

From Helsinki: The Union of Conscientious Objectors organises a bus on Friday Aug 10, starting at 11.30. from Rauhanasema, the Peace Station in Pasila. Reserve seats at toimisto (at) akl-web.fi or by calling +358 (0)40 836 27 86 More info on the bus from Helsinki: http://akl-web.fi/tapahtumat/olkiluotoblockade2012

From Turku this same bus leaves on Aug 10 at 14.00 in front of the Railway station. Reserve seats from toimisto@akl-web.fi or call +358 (0)40 836 27 86 More info: http://akl-web.fi/tapahtumat/olkiluotoblockade2012

Tell your allergies and days you spend on camp for kitchen group before camp if possible, olbfood@riseup.net)

Train and bus Connections:

Nearest station is Harjavalta, if you need a drive from station call +358 40 461 9154 (0404619154) or mail olbcamp(at)riseup.net

Train from Helsinki 6.30 – Tampere 8.07 – Harjavalta 9,27
Bus from Turku 7.35 – Harjavalta 9.35
Bus from Vaasa 5.30 – Harjavalta 9.30

Train from Helsinki 14.30 – Tampere 16.07 – Harjavalta 17.29
Bus from Turku 15.35 – Harjavalta 17.35
Busi from Vaasa 13.30 – Harjavalta 17.30

Train : Helsinki 16.06 – Tampere 18.07 – Harjavalta 19.27
Bus: Turku 19.00 – Harjavalta 20.45
Bus: Vaasa 16.30 – Harjavalta 20.30

Coming to Finland from abroad. If you need accomodation in Turku or Helsinki or a ride to the camp or any other help, email us:

  • Turku, pitsinnyplaystku@lists.riseup.net
  • Helsinki, olkiluotoblockade@riseup.net

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Welcome to Olkiluoto Blockade Camp 6 – 13 August 2012!

Olkiluoto Blockade Camp in Eurajoki, western Finland, will bring together people from the anti-nuclear movements in Finland and internationally. The camp will be an opportunity to discuss nuclear power projects, including uranium mining, and to share experiences, skills and tools for struggles against the nuclear energy industry and for encouraging truly sustainable, decentralized forms of energy.

On August 11, Olkiluoto Blockade action day, people are invited to come and block the roads to the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant by civil disobedience. Year 2012 will mark the third annual blockade.

The Olkiluoto power plant consists of two reactors owned by Teollisuuden Voima (TVO). Additionally, TVO and French Areva are currently building a third reactor, which will be the world’s largest and first EPR reactor. Despite the countless problems with the EPR’s construction so far, the Finnish parliament has granted the company a license to build a fourth reactor at the site. Another pioneer project in Olkiluoto is Onkalo (“the Cave”), the world’s first ‘permanent’ underground storage for highly radioactive waste.

Nuclear power cannot solve the climate crises, but rather it feeds the economic system where short term profit-making sacrifices common safety and environmental issues.

While the rest of Europe is phasing out nuclear power after the disaster in Fukushima, the Finnish government is grasping the opportunity to increase nuclear power production in Finland. Join us in action and send a strong message to the state and the industries: you will not turn Finland into a nuclear power reservation! Uranium mining, nuclear power plants and waste disposal projects will be met with growing and determined resistance, on a local and international level.

Get more information, or give your ideas for the program:

olkiluotoblockade [at] riseup.net



twitter.com: @BlockOlkiluoto

The principles of the blockade:

Every participant will commit her/himself to the principles of peacefull civil disobedience. The first one is that no harm is to be caused to any living being.
Your actions will have an effect on other people present, so be responsible. No alcohol, drugs or weapons of any kind. No national flags or symbols of political parties. There is no room for violence, sexism, racism, hbtl-phobia, or any other forms of oppressive behavior.

It is recommended to form a group, either before the action or upon arrival. Members of the group could be you neighbors, co-workers etc. Group members should take care of one another in the crowd of people. Please, get to know the principles of the action.

Make sure you have enough water, food and clothes with you! We also hope people will bring antinuclear-banners and slogans (and they could even be used en route to Olkiluoto). For the picnic you could bring musical instruments, tablecloths, chairs, tables, boardgames… Lets reclaim space from the nuclear industry for the use of common people!

We are expecting a nice, relaxed happening; but it is possible that the police decides to arrest people. People have constitutional right to demonstrate, but if a person does not follow police’s orders (for example the police has to carry people away) s/he is usually detained and fined. The fined amount depends on your monthly income. . Learn about your rights beforehand, and prepare for the consequences of your actions. Legal aid group helps at the blockade, and it will also be possible to consult a lawyer.


For about four years, the grassroots antinuclear movement in Finland has experienced a spike in activity. This has been necessary due to the longer and larger push by governments and corporations to promote nukiller power, to commit humanity to a legacy of fatal contamination zones for thousands upon thousands of years, to commit us to acts of genocide against the earth and the all indigenous inhabitants of this world. This has been an urgent, necessary, and natural reaction to  this severe threat to our collective survival.

Local, regional and international gatherings and skill shares have been hosted in Finland to spread information and skills. Among other things, demonstrations, small actions, a 4 month occupation camp of a uranium claim in Lapland, and 2 large blockades of Olkiluoto nuclear waste construction facility have been inspired and created by thousands of us.

Some believe the time has come for this moment to change, and grow. For a movement to be sustainable and successful, it must be able to learn, adapt, and transform to its environment. Run-away Climate change and consumption, uranium mining and nuclear holocaust, radioactive waste and depleted uranium warfare need to be confronted and countered. For this, your help is urgently needed.

The central core of this discussion will be resistance to Olkiluoto, the last 2 blockades, and the future of Olkiluoto Blockades. However, we hope that wider discussions can also happen regarding uranium mining, new construction, old waste and so on.

Ota yhteyttä / kontakt / contact: olkiluotoblockade [at] riseup.net

=== Legal information ===

Know your rights! Arrest, Detainment and Interrogation.

==== Detention ====
# The right to detain belongs to the police and security guards, but in many cases also with anyone (common right to detain). Legally, you can be detained
# To check your identity,
# If you are suspected of committing a crime,
# If you are likely to be dangerous to yourself or others,
# If it’s suspected that you likely are going to commit a crime or endangering general safety.<br/>You do not have to give your personal information to anyone except the police (and then only your Name, Nationality, Address and Social Security Number or date of birth!).
# A civil-clad police officer or security guard is obliged to show their credentials when asked. And also when asked, they always have to prove that they are on duty before they have the right to use the mandate of their profession. Always ask for the names of the police you are dealing with – if they don’t respond to a kind request, inform the legal aid. Security guards always have to show their security guard card, and give the name and contact information of the leader of their company (their boss), when asked.
# If you are taken to jail, it’s allowed to take away your personal belongings, and everything that you could hurt yourself with – safety pins, bras, etc. You can ask to get books, magazines, playing cards etc that you have with you into the cell. You also have the right to get Pen and Paper. Before you are put into jail you are asked about diseases or medications, and this is the right moment to tell for example about vegetarian/vegan diet or allergies, even if they will not ask separately about them.
# You can legally be held up to 12 hours. If the crime you are suspected of has a maximum sentence of a year or more (f.ex. vandalism), you can be held for 24 hours, because there are prerequisites for detention. After 24 hours you must either be informed about that you are being arrested or you must be let free. If you are arrested, you can be held for up to three days.
# The detained person has the right to food within their own diet, but only if the detainment is longer than 12 hours. However, you do have the right to drinking water if you want. You also have the right to healthcare (any wounds?) and to receipt medication if you have it with you. If you have gotten damage in the course of the detention, go to a doctor to photograph them immediately when you get out of jail.
# You do not have the right to phone calls. If you’re not adult, your caretaker must immediately be informed when you are put into detention.
# When you are let out, you are asked to sign a paper stating that you have gotten back all your confiscated belongings. It is best to not agree to sign before you have checked your belongings thoroughly. Also check if there have been calls made from your cellphone or if your diary is in the wrong place. You don’t have to sign the paper, even if everything is alright!
# Don’t despair and don’t get depressed. Do things! Yoga, exercise, stretching, ask for pen and paper to write and draw, make juggling balls out of your socks… Remember that you haven’t been forgotten in jail. Outside, people are thinking and caring of you, and possibly they have tried to send you books and food, even if you don’t know it.

==== Interrogation ====
# The interrogation begins only when you have been told your standing in the interrogation (suspect, witness or plaintiff), of what you possibly are suspected, and your right to have assistance. As suspect, you cannot be demanded to say anything in the interrogations or outside of them. Demand to have your rights in print, because otherwise you maybe won’t hear all of them. You have the right to get your right in print however badly the police station’s copying machine is broken.
# If possible, demand to have a lawyer present as interrogation assistance. If you have been detained for example in a demonstration, and the legal aid group has gotten informed about it, a lawyer might be waiting for you already at the police station. If a lawyer is present, you will probably be treated more properly, but always ask a lawyer you know or you have been recommended. If you are under 18, you can demand to have your caretaker present. It is not allowed to interrogate someone under 18 years without a witness present.
# If you are interrogated as a ”witness”, you have to answer the interrogator’s questions, and you’re obliged to stay to the truth. You can, however, refuse to answer questions on the grounds that you fear that you or your close affine (spouse, child etc) will get accused. You also have the right to refuse to answer irrelevant questions.
# If you are interrogated as a ”suspect”, you only have to tell the police your name, nationality, address and social security number or date of birth. All other questions you can refuse to answer. A suspect does not have to keep to the truth.
# As a suspect, the safest thing is to answer all questions with “No comments”, even if you’re innocent, unless you want to cause trouble for others. Other working answers are “I don’t remember”, “I didn’t recognize the person” and “I deny totally that i’m guilty of any crime”. The police doesn’t ask innocent questions, and the police have to prove you guilty – you don’t have to prove your innocence!
# During interrogations you may get irrelevant questions or comments about your looks, sexual or political orientation or IQ level. Demand that every question and comment be written in the interrogation protocol, even if you don’t answer them. Don’t get provocated – the best way to hit back is to remain silent.
# Never tell anyone else’s name, and don’t make yourself or others more suspect. Don’t talk with the police outside of the interrogations.
# You do not have to sign the interrogation protocol. Check it anyway, and demand to have everything changed that doesn’t match exactly what you said. Don’t sign anything in any case – you don’t have to.
# Interrogators often rely on peoples’ naivety and fear. Keep unmoved and don’t make contradictions. It’s important that you know your rights, hold on to them and know what you are doing. The only way to keep your good position is to talk as little as possible and answer “No comments” or “I deny it”.

==== Arrest ====
# If you are informed that you are arrested, demand your rights in print straight away. The rights of the arrested must be found at every jail.
# Get a reliable and good lawyer. If you don’t know any in advance, contact the legal aid group or ask your friends outside, who are not suspected of the same crime, to get you one. Don’t accept a lawyer offered by the police.<br/>If your income is low, the state will often cover your legal aid costs.
# A proper lawyer doesn’t ask anything unnecessary, and does not advice you to act against your own will. You can change your lawyer if you want to.
# Try to get the word out that you are in detention. If you request it, the police is obliged to inform your parents, your siblings and your partner.
# Don’t accept any interrogation without your lawyer.
# The “No comments” answer is the best and easiest way to make the investigations harder: it helps you, and also the people who are still free. It’s especially useful for demonstrations and similar: If you prove yourself innocent, it means more pressure on someone else. With many people and little evidence, it’s likely that most charges will get dropped if they don’t get more information.
# Don’t tell the police anything outside the interrogations.
# If they tell you, that unless you talk, you’ll be detained for three days and then put in prison for the duration of the investigations, don’t believe it. Confessing is an easy way to make your own situation worse.

Coming to Finland from abroad.
If you need accomodation in Turku or Helsinki or a ride to the camp or any
other help, email us:
Turku,  pitsinnyplaystku@lists.riseup.net
Helsinki, olkiluotoblockade@riseup.net

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