Olkiluotoblockade2011 muistelutapaaminen/-kvällen/reminiscence meeting Tampere 11.9.

Tervetuloa Tampereelle osallistumaan Olkiluotoblockade2011 muistelutapaamiseen sunnuntaina 11.syyskuuta!

Tapaamisen aikana muistellaan menneitä ja suunnitellaan tulevan vuoden ydinvoimanvastaista toimintaa. Olet tervetullut myös vaikka et olisi aiemmin osallistunut toimintaan ja tempauksiin.

Tapaaminen alkaa klo 13:00 kulttuuritalo Telakassa, Tullikamarin aukio 3.


Välkomna till Tammerfors för att delta i Olkiluoto Blockade-kvällen Söndag den 11. September!

Under kvällens lopp ser vi tillbaka på det gågna årets händelser, och planerar för det kommande årets aktiviteter. Du är välkommen även om du inte tidigare har deltagit i Olkiluoto Blockade.

Vi träffas kl. 13:00 på kulturhuset Telakka, Tullikamarin aukio 3.


Welcome to the Olkiluotoblockade2011 reminiscence meeting in Tampere on Sunday September 11th!

During the evening, we will remember the past and plan for the future of the anti-nuclear activities. You are also welcome to participate even if you haven´t previously participated in the activities and happenings.

Meeting begins at 1pm at kulttuuritalo Telakka, Tullikamarin aukio 3.


For about four years, the grassroots antinuclear movement in Finland has experienced a spike in activity. This has been necessary due to the longer and larger push by governments and corporations to promote nukiller power, to commit humanity to a legacy of fatal contamination zones for thousands upon thousands of years, to commit us to acts of genocide against the earth and the all indigenous inhabitants of this world. This has been an urgent, necessary, and natural reaction to  this severe threat to our collective survival.

Local, regional and international gatherings and skill shares have been hosted in Finland to spread information and skills. Among other things, demonstrations, small actions, a 4 month occupation camp of a uranium claim in Lapland, and 2 large blockades of Olkiluoto nuclear waste construction facility have been inspired and created by thousands of us.

Some believe the time has come for this moment to change, and grow. For a movement to be sustainable and successful, it must be able to learn, adapt, and transform to its environment. Run-away Climate change and consumption, uranium mining and nuclear holocaust, radioactive waste and depleted uranium warfare need to be confronted and countered.

For this, your help is urgently needed.

You are invited to an assessment and future planning meeting on September 11, 2011 in Tampere, for all those interested in helping prevent horrendous acts of terrorism by the nuclear industry.

The central core of this discussion will be resistance to Olkiluoto, the last 2 blockades, and the future of Olkiluoto Blockades. However, we hope that wider discussions can also happen regarding uranium mining, new construction, old waste and so on.

Ota yhteyttä / kontakt / contact: olkiluotoblockade [at] riseup.net