Olkiluotoblockade 2011 on Saturday August 20th!

Crowd of anti-nuclear citizens will gather this year on 20th of August on front of Olkiluoto nuclear power station to demonstrate for safer and more sustainable future. Few big companies share the profits made of nuclear power, but the consequences of the radioactive pollution are burdened on ordinary people all around the globe. When the decision-makers do not respect the good of people, people must take action. Join us!

The first Olkiluoto blockade action of 200 people took place 28th of August 2010. People were dancing, sitting, chatting, chaining, eating, singing and watching several performances on the roads on Olkiluoto. The event stopped the traffic in the main road leading to the power station for the whole day and also for shorter times the main highway nearby and smaller to the power station. Feel welcomed to join this year! There will be more information about the event and how to join soon in this blog.

Underneath some links to information and photos from last year:




Contact: olkiluotoblockade [at] riseup.net

You can also follow the event on Twitter: @BlockOlkiluoto

Header picture: Olkiluoto road 28.8.2010 by Noora Ojala


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